LeapFrog Leapstart Learning System Pink
LeapFrog Leapstart Learning System Pink LeapFrog Leapstart Learning System Pink LeapFrog Leapstart Learning System Pink

LeapFrog Leapstart Learning System Pink

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Quick Overview

  • Includes a kid-tough device with easy-hold stylus for little hands and 12-page Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten sampler book. Stereo speakers with 3.5mm headphone jack. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

  • More than 30 replayable activities in each activity book are designed to be played again and again for endless discovery. Most activities are designed with two levels so that kids can play and learn at the right level and move up when they're ready

  • Works with a library of 16 Activity Books (sold separately) from Level 1 to Level 4, which progress from Preschool to 1st Grade that seamlessly blend school key concepts and life skills with more than 400 learning activities-a funfest of touch-and-talk games, creative challenges, problem-solving puzzles, math mazes and more

  • Designed to help build key skills and challenge kids to get ready for their next step in learning. The magic behind LeapStart Violet is a stylus that reads invisible dots on every page triggering engaging audios like questions, challenges, songs, jokes and more to teach school and life skills in an new and exciting way

The Leapstart Interactive Learning System's crammed with activities for pre-schoolers to play again and again. From counting to problem solving, there's so much for little ones to discover. In fact, there are over 400 activities across a library of 16 books (sold separately) and 50 skills per level.

The magic behind LeapStart is the special stylus that reads every page and triggers engaging audio. Little ones can learn life skills through questions, challenges, songs, and more. Explore touch and talk games, creative challenges and even brain-teasing puzzles. Each activity book seamlessly blends subjects for a great introduction to key concepts. Perfect for pre-schoolers, this LeapFrog interactive toy's is designed to make each step of learning as much fun as possible.

The Leapstart Interactive Learning System's ideal for ages two and up.

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